Jan 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to You and to Your Family!
I'm excited about this year because I've got a lot of plans, and some ongoing projects to continue. In this year Pacaman is going to be released and I will start developing a new game. SFML 2.0 will be released soon, what it a great piece of news, since people will be able to compile the game from source more easily ...maybe even for the Mac! Here's what happened in the last few days:

Pacaman was spreading again!
We have a GameBoom profile now: gameboom.net/games/pacaman

GameBoom is place for gamers and game developers, check it out:
They have even created a YouTube video of the previous version of the game.
Thanks GameBoom! :)

We have reached 3000 visitors!
Thank you guys! :) Here you go the usual statistics, if you're interested:

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