Dec 19, 2011

Ho ho ho!

That's right, Santa has brought you a surprise: the beta demo! :)

Disappointed because it's not the final release? Don't be! There is fun inside:
  • Christmas goodies. This version is a special edition with a cool Christmas related graphics and audio!
  • Revamped AI. It's more fun to play now as ghosts will flee if you chase them, and surround you when they chase you! Also, they're faster, so look out!
  • Difficult levels. Some of you have found the alpha demo too easy, so this time you'll get more tougher levels!
  • Themeable engine. You can add your own graphics, animations, musics and sounds to the game now. And more options are coming!
  • Smoother animations. The tileset texture is bigger and the animations are richer now!
  • Enhanced controls. The controls are more responsive so it feels better to move around with Pacaman!
  • Fixed bugs. Well, at least, some of them. :)

The controls are the same:
  • Player 1 keys: UP, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT
  • Player 2 keys: W, S, D, A
  • Pause the game: P
  • Take a screenshot: F12
  • Exit game: ESC

Download beta from Dropbox:
Download for Linux (4.6 Mb, tar.gz)
Download for Windows (6.6 Mb, zip)

--- Have fun and Merry Chistmas to You and Your Family!

P. S. Did you like the game? Write a comment! No registration needed.


  1. Ho ho ho! This looks amazing.


  2. Ho ho ho :) Christmas gift - thanks.

  3. fix a link for win pls!

    1. Hi! I've uploaded all the available versions to my Dropbox account, so it should be fine now! :)