Jan 14, 2012

Fun facts

This is a dummy post about fake development. 
-- I had no time to work on the game so now I'm talking about it! :D

Have you ever wondered why Pacaman needs to collect keys to open an elevator door? Keys. To open an elevator. Neither did I! (Up until now...) Isn't that just plain silly? :)

Pacaman was originally started out as a two-weeks-long project. Then I thought a month will be more than enough. Or maybe two. Well, it's been about 4 months, and still counting...

Somebody called the graphics 'bright and yummy'. I really like this description! If you ask me, I'd call it webdesign-like, as it's simplicity certainly comes from my webdesign practice. Still, I've spent at least an hour on a single tile, including drawing and fixing.

This game was totally unplanned. The way you should never build a game, really. Actually, I was just trying out SFML, the underlying engine, when I had a sudden idea: Why not make a very simple game like a Pac-Man clone? That'd be fun.

I'm making this game for kiddos, but most of the people who tried it were grown-ups. :D

I've received very little amout of complaints. Ok, but there's no big publicity either - you could reply. Still, I think about a hundred people have already tried it, and at least twenty of them has the source code. So I presume overall it's O.K.

Pacaman wasn't the first name to pick for the project. I was thinking about calling it Pakman, Capman, Pacmon, and SFML Pac. All of them looks and sounds equally stupid now.

I'd really like to make a Halloween version with a Doom-like graphics. Now it's possible, since you can create your own themes for the game. Pacaman could be a Cacodemon, for example. The levels could be hell-like, with lava on them!


  1. Lava would be amazing...

    P.S. I am also making a game using exactly the same tools as you!

  2. Hi VirtualDragon! Actually, there is already a lava theme for the maze, but sssh - that's a secret. :) Anyway, as you can see the development is paused on this a long time ago, but I'm not giving up on this project, I'm still looking for the opportunity to work on it again, and finally finish it! :)

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  3. Ooops...it looks like I deleted my comment...anyway, it basically said that I would love to have the source code because I am making a game as well (website is maxcrdev.blogspot.com) and I want to see how everything is structured etc.


  4. Sure thing, just drop me a line at easy82 [dot] contact [at] gmail [dot] com, and I'll send it to you!