Nov 8, 2011

Future plans II

It's high time to make a new announcement about where the development is heading. Due to the little amount of spare time, and to other ongoing projects I'm being involved I had to dumb down the features of the game.

The bad news:
That is, there will be no profile system, no achievements, no online highscore, no other game types, and also no demo scene at the start of the game. I'm sorry. Later I (or somebody else?) might add these features, but they surely won't make it for v1.0.

The good news:
But worry not, what I'm going to add to the game is the menu (yeah, it's still missing), the offline highscore, the traps, the new worlds, and 100 levels! I promise these to be added for a 100%. That is, it'll be a nice little game overall, even without the 'extras'.

I know it's not the best news, but hey, the goal is to finally release the game! :)


  1. Hi!
    Are you going to release the code? That would be really interesting!

  2. Hi!

    Sure thing, it'll be open-source once it's finally released!

    Right now I'm working on the code to make it more racional and understandable.

  3. Hi!
    I don't find x86_64 binary.
    And pacaman don't work on my computer.
    Can you compile 64-bit binary?

    OS - Fedora 16 x86_64
    And I do not want install x86-64 libraries

  4. Hi!

    I thought you can run 32-bit apps from a 64-bit operating system. I've just Googled it up and found out it will only work with Fedora if you install the 32-bit packages. I've found this article:

    But I understand if you don't want to download a lot of extra packages only for this. However, I do not have a 64-bit Linux installed and thus unfortunately I cannot compile a 64-bit binary for you.

    I hope when the game will be released (along with the source code) someone will be kind enough to compile a 64-bit version of the game and of the underlying engine!