Oct 27, 2011

Bugfixing is done

So far so good! There were no cardinal problems reported about the demo yet, which is just great. It seems like most of the testers use Windows, which is not suprising at all, I just miss the feedback from the Linux people! Is anyone out there? :)

Here's the list of bugs I've fixed in the last couple of days:
  • I've fixed the FPS counter to operate on a lower rate (every 500 ms), because you've said it's hard to read due to flickering;
  • I've set the ghost spawn area much smaller and set to the center, so that the players won't bump into an enemy at the start (there is still a small chance for that, though);
  • Pacaman can be controlled now more precisely, you don't have to press a key multiple times to make him finally turn to a direction;
  • Since the controls are so responsive now, it's also easier to escape from enemies, so I've also changed all the ghosts to be more faster, thus it's a bigger challenge to avoid them;
  • I've changed the score counting sound to a less disturbing one;
  • I've fixed the bug that happened sometimes at the summary screen: the score counting has turned into an ugly noisy mess, when it was called many times;
  • And I've fixed the music in the game to loop perfectly, at least I did my best to make the replay unnoticable.

Now my next task is to clean up the code and then start making the game menu.

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