Oct 2, 2011

And... Action!

I've just finished selecting, cutting and implementing the musics into the game! You know what this means? I can finally go back to coding and drawing, that's where I feel more confortable at. :)

Well, I'm not a sound/music guy, so it took really long for me, figuring out what actually turned out to be a pretty easy task in the end: a method to cut the songs properly. They were originally made continuous by the author (at least that was his intention),  but during the conversion, something must have gone wrong. There was a very annoying cracking at the beginning/end of all the tracks.

Here's what's left 'till the demo:
  • Add a stats screen, which will appear at the end of every level;
  • Set up the method for creating the demo maps;
  • Add config loading;
  • (Fix the AI?)
Not too much, right? ;)

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