Sep 29, 2011

Future plans

I've been thinking in the last couple of days about the further development of the game. It's quite clear to me now that the 4 kind of world won't be enough for the final game, but maybe for the demo version. So I'll be painting new walls and grounds for sure. I'm planning to 'create' a 100 levels, 10 levels in each world. The levels will stay random generated, but I feel like I need to set a reachable goal, to maintain the challenge. Chapters are also an important part of this because they'll come just in time when the player starts to get fustrated or bored. Having a game with unlimited number of maps reminds me the Sim City type of games anyway.

I thought a new game object would spice things up a little bit: I'm planning on adding traps to the game! Do you like traps? (Vote on the right sidebar! I do like them.) They are paractically, a new and static type of enemy. There could be different types: some would harm Pacaman, some would block like a wall, or maybe hold the character a particular place. Speaking about enemies, I might add a new ghost as well, the deadliest of all.

Currently, the game is easy, waaay too much. So I need to turn it into a bigger challenge. Also if you pick up the keys, you're ready to leave the level. You'll loose a lot of points on that, yes, but you can leave it. So I thought there would be levels where this tactic would not work: you'd have to gain a certain amount of score. How's that sounds? You could go to the elevator, but you'd have to replay the level. There will be a summary srcreen after every succeeded level, where the statistics of your performance on the level would appear. You could gain badges there, like a bronze, sivler or gold medal. This will only work if I add a profile system to the game.

Well, although all these points sounds rather a brainstroming than real plans, do not worry or fear: We'll get there for sure! :)

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