Nov 29, 2011

Brand new screenshots, release postponed

It's pretty clear now that the game won't be ready for 27th November, as it was originally planned. I've generously given myself another month to finish it! :)

However, I was not resting all the day, there are noticable improvements! I've cleaned up the code a bit, restructured it, and deleted some obsolete and unneccessary parts. I've also extended the tileset texture so that I could add new tiles, which I did. The animations are now made of more frames, so they feel smoother when played. Plus I've created a spike trap animation, but traps are not present in the game yet.

But the best news is that I'm ready with the 10 different world tile textures! Check out the new screenshots:

This one is called 'the hedge'



  1. Looks good. I can not wait full game

  2. Haha I'm waiting for that too...!