Oct 10, 2011

News flash

I've added the ability to create random levels based on parameters. I've also extended the INI file reading/writing mechanism so that these parameters can be loaded from a file. And why's this good?
Because finally I can make more characteristic levels, which are yet still random generated. That is, the levels can be arranged into chapters, but the game will stay replayable because of randomization. How cool's that? ;)

Now everything is ready to create the level-end screen of statistics: the upper info bar - where the lives, time, etc. are - can be hidden now; the inner tools are done for measuring the player's statstics; and I've drawn a medal texture of which the player will be rewarded.

Do you like startegy games? How about turn-based space strategies? Check out an other cool indie game called 10 Min Space Strategy, I bet you'll love it! Hungarian developers were always good at making startegy games anyway! :)

Oh, by the way, thanks for voting! 8 of the 10 people likes traps and wants me to put them into the game, so that's what I'll do! :)

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