Sep 21, 2011

Video of the basic AI

When the game starts, there will be a little demo scene where the basic game elements will be shown. The game title and the menu will be on top of this. I always loved this from the good old Doom era (...even though it was actually a playback).

Okay, but of course the user cannot control pacaman when setting the options or selecting a game type to play, so obviously I needed some basic AI to take control of the main character.

There were already a chasing mechanism for the ghosts, but ghosts should also be able to escape from players, when they use the ring (this feature is very incomplete, as of now). Escaping is one of the main characteristic of a pacman movement, so to cut it short: I've melted the two AIs into one.

I've captured a video of the welcome-screen, where you'll see there's plenty of room to improve the AI, because currently it isn't a genious... There are evident possibilities it misses, and also makes dumb choises sometimes, but it's funny anyway!

P.S. The video quality is poor, but this was my first try with ffmpeg, the video converter. Next time it will be better!

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