Sep 20, 2011

Features and goals

Game features
  • Single player and cooperative game
  • Multiple game types
  • Unlimited random generated levels
  • Different game worlds
  • Mean enemies
  • Cute graphics and sounds
  • Cross-platform game

Game goal

Allright, this will be very similar to the original Pac-Man game, with minor differences:
As Pacaman, eat as much stars and fruits as you can in the smallest time possible to gain high scores! Avoid ghosts unless you've picked up the ring! Open the gate and get to the next level by collecting all the keys on the map!

Project goal

Since this project is not only a game, but a coding example:
The goal is to make a proof-of-concept game with educational purposes, that has a more complex source code than the standard pong example that comes with the SFML libraries. The source code was created in a (relatively) nice coding style with a lot of comments to ease understanding.

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